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  We have been installing fireplaces and ranges for over 25 years and use traditional time proved methods of sand cement and lime for mortar.  We offer an international fitting service and have fitted as far away as New York.  Our regular clients include The National Trust and British Heritage. Installation varies from appliance to appliance and depends what you already have in existence.  We do not charge for local surveys and quotes.  If you are further away we should still be able to quote from a few photos and a quick conversation so feel free to get in touch at or call 07951020490. 


  At David White Fireplaces we pride ourselves in unparalleled restoration skills.  We are able to re-manufacture damaged or missing parts so our fireplaces look as good as the day they left the showroom all those years ago. 

  We offer a wide range of restoration services including:

Marble cleaning and restoration, slate stripping and polishing, wood or stone surround restoration and manufacture, cast iron burnishing/polishing, range restoration, re-manufacture parts, sand blasting and blacking.  Please contact us for a restoration quote at or call 07951020490.   Here are a few examples to show what is possible.


  As you can see this range was in a pretty sorry state by the time we got to it.  It had corroded from the back due to damp and the several coats of Hammerite applied over the years where pretty much the only thing holding it together.  We made patterns for all the missing or non-salvageable parts and had them recast.  The whole range was sandblasted then given a coat of Thermolac black and finally a coat of grate polish before been reinstalled.  We also replaced the rotten tin ovens with stainless steel ones for practicality.


  For this beautiful tiled insert we carefully stripped out and cleaned the tiles so they are all fresh and bright. We then fitted an original set of bars from our spares, stripped the fireplace to its component parts and sandblasted it.  Next the fireplace was sprayed with a heatproof paint Stovax Thermolac black.  The fireplace was then reassembled replacing any nuts bolts etc where needed and using copper slip for easy maintenance then finally given a coat of graphite polish.